• Quick

    Stop wasting time with long reference and account numbers… With SmartID Pay the chore of paying bills is made quick and easy.

  • Accurate

    Avoid mistakes and fits of anger. Our optical recognition software does the work for you.

  • Simple

    All you need is a smartphone and all of your bills are transferred automatically to your computer’s email account. Then pay through the ebanking software you usually use.

SmartID Pay

SmartID Pay

Zap, it’s paid

* This video shows the first version of the app. Screens and user-interface have been updated.

  1. 1# Scan

    Point your smartphone’s camera to your payment slip – and the data is scanned immediately!

  2. 2# Send

    Transfer the payments – and they will be sent on your computer (via email)!

  3. 3# Pay

    Import your payment details to your ebanking account. In one click, all of your bills are paid!

Now, paying bills is quick and easy

SmartID Pay is free for iOS and Android!

ISO 20022 and QR-bill compatibility

Since May 2018, SmartID Pay adopts the new payment standards to meet your needs.

Coding line
Do you have few bills to pay?

This is the best solution if you don’t have a lot of bills to pay. Copy and paste the code line (transferred in the SmartID Pay email) in your eBanking or “PostFinance” software. Each bill is paid with 2 clicks per transfer.

XML file (ISO 20022)
You pay many invoices by bank transfer?

5 bills, 10, 40… it doesn’t matter. With the XML file (previously called “DTA”), you transfer all your bank payments at once. For PostFinance users, the name used for this file is “OPAE”.

From mid-2019 the first QR-bills will be introduced…

Our application already includes the possibility to read them. When scanning, you only need to indicate whether you want to read a code line (current inpayment slip) or a QR-code.

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As a first-time user, configure the application with your personal details. In the “Information” menu – choose “Settings”. Then complete the following fields with your account details “Account holder”, “Address” and “IBAN”. You also need to give the email address where you would like your payment information sent.

Email configuration

For “iPhone” users, an account in the “Mail” application is necessary. Don’t forget to configure this account in the settings of your phone. For “Android” users, you can choose any application you would like to use (for example, “Gmail”) to transfer your payments to your computer.

Types of payment slips

Types of payment slips

SmartID Pay is compatible with all types of payments slips denominated in Swiss Francs. You can scan the reference number of red or orange payment slips.
Moreover, the application is already compatible with the QR-bills that will be issued from mid-2019.


To scan a payment slip, click on the “Camera” button of your smartphone to open the scanner. Then point the camera to the white rectangle located to the right – on the bottom of the payment slip. This space is called the “Source Line of Code” (SLOC). Your smartphone will instantly read this line. When the SLOC is read, your payment information will appear on the screen. Validate this information by clicking on “OK”, you can continue scanning other payment slips. Certain payment slips do not contain all necessary information such as the amount to be paid. In this case, you can type this in manually by clicking on “Change information” and validate by clicking on “OK” – then continue scanning the next payment slip.
To read a QR-bill, click the “QR-bill”  button on the scan screen.


Dim lighting can interfere with the scanner. We recommend activating the flash by clicking on the “Flash” button. If your smartphone fails to carry out this operation (blurry image) just touch the middle of the screen and try again manually by pointing your smartphone to the SLOC line.

Sending data by e-mail and as XML files

All data are sent by email. You then have the choice of : 

1) Copy and paste the coding line

Send payment details in text format via email. From your computer, copy-paste the SLOC line in the designated space in your ebanking solution (see Help document of your bank if needed). For PostFinance customers, this is how you gain access: Thumbnail “Payments” > ”Scan title” > Copy this entire line in the “SLOC” space.

2) Import the XML file into your e-banking

For bank customers.  The XML file is attached to the email sent by the application. Open the email on your computer, then transfer the file to your ebanking solution (refer to your bank’s support if necessary). The XML format is standard and is therefore compatible with all Swiss banks’ ebanking solutions.

For PostFinance customers only. The name used by PostFinance for the XML file is OPAE. Only the name changes, the file is the same. Transfer the XML file to your PostFinance.Follow these instructions: Go to “Payment””File transfer” “Transmit”. Next, select the file to be imported. If you are not authorized to transfer the file, you can activate the transmission directly in “e-Finance” by going to “Transfer file” > “Electronic Payment Order (EPO)” > “Activate transmission”. Once this has been activated you can transfer your files.


Solutions to problems

I cannot scan a payment slip

To solve this problem, try the steps below:

  • Check that you have correctly pointed the camera to the appropriate SLOC space (white rectangle at the right hand side of the bottom of the payment slip). Avoid scanning angles.
  • Place the payment slip flat on a table.
  • Check lighting. If insufficient, activate the flash.
  • Clear a previous operation by touching the screen (in the middle of the screen when scanning).
  • If these solutions are not successful, please contact us. It is possible that the payment slip used is not standardized or your smartphone is not compatible. Thank you for your help in improving this application!

The XML file is not recognized by my bank.

It is possible that your bank does not recognize files containing special fonts and characters, such as accents. If this is the case, delete these fonts and characters in your personal parameters (“Settings”). If this operation does not solve the problem, please contact us.

Legal Note

SmartID Pay is offered “as is”. Institute Icare is not responsible for possible damage caused by the use of this application. The user is solely responsible for verifying the data he transmits to its financial institution.

Do you have any question about SmartID Pay?

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